Another classic DC Comics super team is headed to live-action, and it’s maybe one of the least likely teams you’d ever expect to see come to life. DC Comics’ CCO Geoff Johns just tweeted the front page of a script for the fifth episode of the upcoming Titans television series, and the name of the episode is “ The Doom Patrol.” Look:

For those of you unaware, the Doom Patrol dates back to the mid-’60s; it’s about a wheelchair bound genius who gathers together a group of freaks and outcasts and turns them into a superhero team trained to defend a world that fears them. If this sounds like an X-Men rip-off to you, I should tell you the Doom Patrol actually debuted a few months before the X-Men in 1963. I guess the idea was just in the air at the time, and creators at DC and Marvel were both tapping into it.

The original Doom Patrol has a strong connection to the Titans in the form of Beast Boy, who in the comics, was a member of the original team before transferring over to the Teen Titans. I would have thought Beast Boy’s Doom Patrol connections would have been removed from the live-action incarnation for clarity’s sake, but it looks like this series is going to be even more accurate to the comic books than we previously thought.

There have been many versions of the Doom Patrol over the years, most notably a version from writer Grant Morrison in the early ’90s that turned up the surrealism factor on the book. His take on the team has influenced every version since, including the version DC currently publishes under their Young Animal imprint. But given their connection to Beast Boy, it’s likely that the version we will see on TV will be something closer to the original team, meaning the Chief, the team leader, Robotman (Cliff Steele), Negative Man, and Elasti-Girl. It’s possible some of those characters might be traded out.

Are you excited about seeing the Doom Patrol make it to live-action? And are you crossing your fingers for a possible spin-off? Let us know below in the comments,

Images: DC Comics

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