Don’t Worry About The Nintendo NES Classic’s Short Cords, Get This Wireless Adapter

As much as modern consoles like the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 have advanced when compared to their less technologically adept ancestors, there’s still a certain charm to the games and systems we grew up with that just can’t be replicated by these newfangled machines. That what Nintendo realized before releasing the NES Classic Edition, the tiny brick affectionately nicknamed the Mini NES that packs 30 classic Nintendo Entertainment System titles into a small package, in time for the holiday season.

There’s a reason the modern systems are the way they are, though: They saw problems previous consoles faced, and decided to improve upon them. Perhaps the most user-friendly example of this is how all modern consoles have cut the cords, offering users wireless controllers so they’re not tied to their TVs like a dog leashed in the yard. The Mini NES, like the console it emulates, has a wire problem, though: The general consensus is that the controller cords (which measure about 2.5 feet long) are way too short, but now, there’s a solution ( via Gizmodo).Analogue and 8Bitdo have previously collaborated to create wireless bluetooth controllers for the NES and SNES, and now, they took notice of the NES Mini’s wire-related shortcomings and came out with their own wireless controller made specifically for the new/old console. It’s available to pre-order on Amazon now for $40 (with a release date of December 16), and also, established third-party game peripheral creator Nyko has a $25 option of their own as well. The features of each are slightly different, so consider both, but no matter which one you get, enjoy being more than three feet away from your TV this holiday season.

Featured image: Nintendo

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