Donald Glover Talks About Kanye West in A QUIET PLACE Parody

In case you haven’t been online or aware of anything happening around you in any capacity over the past few weeks, things with Kanye West have gotten… complicated. The rapper is back on Twitter, and he’s generated some controversy by expressing his support of President Donald Trump and other conservative figures and views. He’s gotten a lot of backlash for his recent tweet storms, and now Saturday Night Live has weighed in with a new sketch starring Donald Glover.

In the sketch, they turn the hush-hush horror flick A Quiet Place into A Kanye Place, and it shows that even when talking will almost certainly lead to your death, Glover and the rest of his quiet compatriots can’t help but discuss Kanye like everybody else. A group of survivors is walking on sand trails, whispering about their predicament and keeping chatter to a minimum. When Glover sees Kanye’s tweets on his phone, though, he can’t help but speak up, and the rest of the group can’t help but join in on the conversation.

Keenan Thompson is the first to go when he loudly exclaims, “Oh come on, Kanye” when he sees the photo of his signed “Make America Great Again” hat. From there, they progress through the infamous tweets, because even in times as dangerous as those in A Quiet Place, the outrage is just too real.

The Glover-hosted SNL was a strong episode, so what was your favorite sketch from the week? What did you think of the new songs he performed as musical guest? Sound off in the comments below!

Featured image: NBC

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