Donald Glover and the Rest of Migos Go to Therapy on SNL

On the surface, the trappings of the hip-hop lifestyle can seem pretty appealing: There’s the fame, the money, the romantic attention, the fans, and all the expensive toys. Beneath the surface, though, everything isn’t perfect, and that’s the facet of the rap lifestyle that Donald Glover, Kenan Thompson, and Chris Redd (playing the rap trio Migos) explore in a hilarious new sketch from Saturday Night Live.

The sketch begins as a typical hip-hop music video for a Migos-style rap banger, until they start rapping about going to therapy twice weekly. Then the song cuts out and we find the group sitting on a couch, in conversation with Dr. Angela (Cecily Strong), when Redd declares, “I feel like every time I bring up emotional conflict, he wants to talk about the Lambo.” From there, they explore each others’ feelings and really get somewhere, addressing their issues with Lamborghini, feeling invisible, feeling pitied. Overall, real progress is made. Thompson is also a gem, chiming in with his repeated words for added emphasis that works well in the studio but not so much in a therapy session.

There’s also a fun bonus at the end for hip-hop heads (which the video title spoils so I don’t feel bad about mentioning it here): A$AP Rocky pops up briefly at the end, and his presence ends up affirming the breakthrough Migos made in therapy. Yes, it’s a sweet moment.

What was your favorite sketch from this past episode of Saturday Night Live? Was Glover the best guest host of 2018 so far? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Featured Image: NBC

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