This Good Dog Tries to Eat a Pizza He Sees on TV

Nobody likes being duped by false advertising, but at least when a commercial lures us in with deceptive tactics we don’t end up trying to eat our TVs. But modern high definition televisions are misleading eager canine consumers in a whole new way, because this adorable doggo tried to lick a pepperoni pizza from a commercial that looked a little too real.

This very good, very confused pup (whom we came across at Geekologie) is Pó D’Arroz, a three-year-old German Weimaraner who lives in Lisbon with his family. His owner says he paused his TV during a commercial break to go make himself a sandwich, and when he returned he found Pó licking at the television screen at the point where a Pizza Hut commercial was showingcasing a pepperoni pie.

Aww. This has to be at least the 4th Circle of Doggy Hell, right? Just kidding, we know all dogs go to heaven.

Some Facebook users have accused this video of being a fake, saying that there must be some sort of spray on the screen that he is licking off so it only appears as though he is trying to eat the pizza. Which, if true, would of course make this entire video itself false advertising. So… point made?

What do we think? We’re not sure. Dogs can be adorably stupid, so this seems possible, but it’s hard to trust anything on the internet anymore. The only thing we’re sure of is, whether Pó helped his owner make a funny video or he really was trying to lick that pie, someone needs to get that good dog a pizza.

Do you think this was real or not? Tell us why in the comments section below.

Featured Image: Pó D’Arroz Facebook

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