DOCTOR WHO’s Jodie Whittaker Literally Breaks the Glass Ceiling

When Doctor Who returns with series 11 on October 7, it will be exciting for more reasons besides the fact that we haven’t had a new Who episode since December 2017. We have a new Doctor in the TARDIS–the first female Doctor, which, if you ask me, is long overdue. Jodie Whittaker‘s starring in the role, and if promos like this new one from BBC are any indication, she’s bringing a spark of fun I haven’t seen in the series in a few years.

Yes, she literally broke a glass ceiling. Do you see what they did there? It’s on the nose, maybe a little too much so. I’m charmed while also recognizing how BBC is leaning in to capitalize on a story and casting decision they should have made years ago. I’ll be more charmed if they pursue more of this sort of attitude within the narrative in a way that makes sense, and since they have a more diverse behind the scenes team for series 11 than they ever have, I’m optimistic.

But let’s be honest. I can’t wait to see Whittaker in more than a scene or brief promos. Her enthusiasm for the role is infectious, and she’s invested enough to do things like show up in the full Thirteenth Doctor costume at the Her Universe Fashion Show at San Diego Comic-Con. This is the kind of passion that could reignite my Doctor Who fandom.

Featured Image: BBC

Amy Ratcliffe is a Managing Editor for Nerdist. She’d kill for a closet that’s like a TARDIS. Follow her on Twitter.

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