DOCTOR WHO’s New TARDIS Has a Biscuit Dispenser

Following last week’s simulcast of Doctor Who, we here in the United States are now back in the position of being potentially spoiled by our friends in the UK, who get the show eight hours earlier, and by the BBC, who drop new videos online right after the British air time. If you like to go into every episode completely blind…why did you click on an article with SPOILERS in the headline? You might want to look away now if you somehow got here by mistake.This week, we get to hear the new take on the old theme, with perhaps the strongest percussion yet, courtesy of Segun Akinola:

Now, it’s probably not a spoiler to say that the TARDIS comes back–it wouldn’t really be Doctor Who without one. But its interior has changed almost as much as the Doctor’s exterior has, and if you’d rather wait till tonight’s episode (Oct. 14th) to see it revealed, come back here later, and learn how some of the design elements came to be. It involves looking up in the sky at the tops of trees, which seems like a very Doctor-y thing to do.Finally, here is a preview of next week’s episode, which, uncharacteristically for the series, will delve into a key moment in American history. The Doctor meets Rosa Parks.
How are you liking Doctor Who so far this season? Do you prefer adventures inside actual historical events, or journeys into outer space? Let us know in the comments below.

Image: BBC

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