This DOCTOR WHO Tango Dominated a UK Dance Competition Show

Who would have thought a Cyberman could dance anything other than the robot?We’ve been told that the current season of Doctor Who will feature all new foes without relying on the familiar nemeses, but thanks to Strictly Come Dancing, a British TV competition show akin to Dancing With the Stars, we got a taste of the Thirteenth Doctor interacting with a Cyberman…this time in a far less hostile manner than usual. Maybe it’s the Brigadier. Via io9, here’s the video:

The Stacey in question is Stacey Dooley, a BBC journalist and presenter who specializes in stories that expose child exploitation, and is a strong advocate for gender equality — like the Doctor, she helps people. Kevin Clifton is a professional dancer and regular on the show who has also made appearances on Dancing With the Stars. Together in this number, they literally lord it over time in a dance that has Dooley-as-Doctor briefly becoming one of the hands on a clock. Ditching the long coat was probably a good call.While Cybermen aren’t typically known for their elegance, Clifton probably made the best choice available from the most familiar Who-villains. Daleks have almost no arm articulation, Slitheen are big and clumsy, Sontarans are too small, and Weeping Angels can only dance when nobody’s watching. Though he might have made a fun Missy.What did you think of the tango? Will the Doctor be giving Gomez and Morticia Addams a run for their money any time soon? Let us know how you’d score this routine in comments.

Images: BBC

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