DOCTOR WHO Reveals Upcoming Episode Titles and Synopsis For Curious Fans

Doctor Who fans rejoice! The series is finally back on TV and now there’s more information about what to expect in the upcoming weeks. According to CultBox, Doctor Who Magazine recently dished out some information about this season’s next four episodes, including brief synopsis, writer/director information, and guest cast lists.

Here’s what’s coming up on Doctor Who:

Episode 3 – “Orphan 55”

The next episode, written by Ed Hime and directed by Lee Haven Jones, will take Thirteen, Yaz, Graham, and Ryan on vacation. Honestly, they deserve it after their harrowing encounter with the latest version of The Master. Hime gave a brief description of what will go down in the following quote:

“The gang know that going anywhere with the Doctor will lead to adventure, so they try to take a different route with this one. They all go on holiday together to a place called Tranquility, which is an idyllic, all-inclusive holiday destination where they can take some time out and relax. But of course, they get there and things go horribly wrong. They’re quickly dragged into a spiraling situation they’ve landed in the middle of.”

Did they really think they could go somewhere without anything strange going down? Check out the guest cast list below:

“Orphan 55” Guest Cast:

Laura Fraser – Kane

Gia Ré – Bella

James Buckley – Nevi

Julia Elizabeth Fogle – Vilma

Amy Booth-Steel – Hyph3n

Will Austin – Vorm

Col Farrell – Benni

Lewin Lloyd – Sylas

Spencer Wilding – Creature

Episode 4 – “Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror”


Another historical figure is set to meet The Doctor! Goran Višnjić will portray famed inventor Nikola Tesla. This episode will bring the fam to early 20th century New York City in the midst of a battle of the brains between Tesla and Thomas Edison (Robert Glenister). Tesla’s world will be explored through him and his assistant Dorothy Skerritt, portrayed by Haley McGee.

The inventors may be fighting for recognition, but there’s something darker in the midst that could disrupt everything. Could it somehow be The Master? We will have to wait and see. And, The Sarah Jane Adventures alum Anjli Mohindra will return to the Whoniverse as a different character named Queen Skithra.

Hopefully, The Doctor won’t wipe Tesla’s memories for no reason, too.

Episode 5 – “Fugitive of the Judoon”


Demons of the Punjab” writer Vinay Patel returns this season to bring back some fun aliens! This episode, directed by Nida Manzoor, will catch up with the Judoon. The rhino-esque space policeman haven’t been seen in a few Earth years, so this should be fun.

In this story, the Judoon are on the hunt for some unknown fugitive in Gloucester and The Doctor wants to know who and why. Hmmm. Paul Kasey will portray the Judoon leader, Jo Martin is tour guide Ruth Clayton, and Neil Stuke is Ruth’s husband Lee. It doesn’t directly say that all (or any) of the companions are with The Doctor, so this could be a solo adventure.

Episode 6 – “Praxeus”


Written by Peter McTighe, “Praxeus” will cause the quartet to split up (never a good idea) to investigate mysteries all over Earth. And, what they find will apparently threaten all human life (again). McTighe says there is a brand-new alien menace and promises that there will be some disturbing moments.

He also encourages fans to watch the skies. The guest cast lineup includes Joana Borja (blogger Gabriela), Matthew McNulty (Adam), and Molly Harris (Suki Cheng). Could this episode be a major turning point towards the Timeless Child conundrum? We certainly hope so.

Doctor Who Series 12 is already off to a good start and, based on these sneak peeks into the future, we wish we had a TARDIS to get us to these episodes sooner!

Image Credit: BBC

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