DOCTOR WHO Series 11 Teaser Is Frustratingly Mysterious

We don’t get to hear Jodie Whittaker say a word as the new Doctor Who star in this promo, but if what we see is canonical rather than just a sparkly advertisement, we get a hint at newer abilities, perhaps harkening back to when Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor was able to slow time early in his season. There’s a shimmering effect like a tear in the fabric of time, and as it passes through a diner, we see an empty pizza box suddenly get refilled, and a man who was reading a newspaper finding himself holding a kids’ comic from 1981 instead. Then we see her…

And she’s…translucent? For a moment? Is the new Doctor beyond needing a TARDIS to travel? Surely not. More likely, something is wrong with the universe, and as usual it’s happening in Great Britain on planet Earth most of all. The Doctor doesn’t seem too distressed, however. She does appear to be taking advantage of the new female body to load up on cool earrings, as one would.

If you’re wondering why we don’t get much to go on in this teaser, well, it’s probably because we’re mere days away from San Diego Comic-Con, where we’re likely to see and learn a lot more. In the meantime, eat your beans and eggs, enjoy every bonus slice of pizza, and let Jodie foster a sense of anticipation. (Yes, we just said that.)

What can you deduce from this trailer? Are there subtle easter eggs we missed? Let us know in comments below.

Image: BBC

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