DOCTOR WHO Reveals the Fourteenth Doctor’s Gorgeous Sonic Screwdriver

We still have a little while before we see David Tennant (temporarily) take over the TARDIS as the Fourteenth Doctor. For the most part, he looks like an edgier version of the Tenth Doctor yet his outfit has a few key differences to make it unique. (Also, Tennant still has really great hair. He’s a blessed man.) I cannot confirm this but I am sure there are already people out there cosplaying this version of the Doctor. However, there’s something that is missing from the look. You know, a certain instrument that several Doctors love to use when they need to get themselves out of a jam or provide a quick tech fix. We’ve been wondering just how epic the Fourteenth Doctor’s sonic screwdriver would be if he got his own …and now we know that it is awesome. Doctor Who gave us the most dramatic sonic screwdriver reveal, one that is worthy of his chaotic glory. 

This sonic screwdriver is gorgeous. I love the gold and marble details as well as how it combines small aesthetic elements of several previous Doctors’ screwdrivers, including Ten and Eleven. It could be a hint that his Doctor had to piece this sonic together based on what’s in his storage (you know he has some room full of stuff) and infuse it with available elements. It is also a great way to honor the past for the 60th anniversary special.

The fourteenth doctor sonic screwdriver close up photo
BBC Studios/Doctor Who

We don’t know when we will be able to purchase the sonic screwdriver and complete our Fourteenth Doctor looks. But for now we will just continue to marvel at its beauty. We can’t wait to discover what’s going on with Fourteen and Donna when Doctor Who returns later this year.

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