DOCTOR WHO Debuts the Fifteenth Doctor’s Stylish Sonic Screwdriver

A new Doctor always calls for some fun changes. There’s the obvious wardrobe upgrade, including whatever look will become that Doctor’s “signature” outfit. Sometimes, the TARDIS also redecorates its console room with some new flair. One thing many fans really love about a fresh Doctor is yet another sonic screwdriver to collect. Each one of them has unique details and features that reflect the time period and, in some cases, the Doctor’s persona. But the sonic screwdriver for the Fifteenth Doctor may be the most unique looking one yet. We cannot wait to see him use it in season one.

In the above video, Ncuti Gatwa talks about his Doctor’s flashy new sonic, which looks less like a tube and more like a cylinder-ish gadget. The series honors Gatwa’s Rwandan roots with a proverb written in Gallifreyan on the sonic screwdriver. It translates to “the sharpness of the tongue defeats the sharpness of the warrior.” That’s a very befitting phrase for a character like the Doctor and a lovely way to celebrate Ncuti Gatwa’s groundbreaking turn in this role.

up close photo of fifteenth doctor sonic screwdriver

Our beloved Fifteenth Doctor demonstrates how to hold his sonic screwdriver and reveals that a crystal powers it. It even lights up, which will be helpful when the Doctor inevitably finds himself in some dark space. There’s also a piece that flips out and can connect to other technology, whether that technology is made by humans or an alien race. Of course, it does all the usual things like unlocking things and fusing items.

When and Where Can I Buy the Fifteenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver?

Fifteenth Doctor holding his sonic screwdriver near his eyebrow

This sonic screwdriver isn’t on sale yet. But we can bet that you’ll be able to buy it soon via the BBC Doctor Who shop and other major retailers. Until then, we are waiting patiently to see Fifteen and Ruby Sunday in this year’s Christmas special.

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