DOCTOR WHO Drops Trailers for Next Episode and This Series’ Guest Stars

Doctor Who‘s season premiere ended on a cliffhanger, but much like the snap of Thanos’ fingers, it was somewhat undercut by a quick look at the next episode, which clearly shows that none of the main characters asphyxiated in the vacuum of space. Not that you’d have expected that so early on in the season anyway, but there was admittedly more death in that first episode than some would have suspected. Anyway, vintage Who always ended on a cliffhanger, and we knew the show wasn’t coming to an end even then, so it’s a fun throwback.Here’s that look at what’s next:
In addition, there’s a new highlight reel of guest stars coming this season. Many of the names are more familiar to UK TV audiences than U.S., but among them are familiar faces like Mark Addy and Alan Cumming. See what other faces you can place—it’s a nicely diverse lineup.
Jodie Whittaker seems to be recovering from regeneration a lot more quickly than Peter Capaldi did, so we probably won’t spend more than this past episode on amnesia. It would seem that when Time Lords take younger bodies, they heal better.But when will the TARDIS come back? (She did say she doesn’t go anywhere that’s just initials, but…) Enough of the special guests look dressed historically that we’d have to imagine it won’t take all season to find her. Beyond that, we’ve been told to expect new characters and new monsters, with no reliance on the Daleks this time.What do you expect to see on Doctor Who this season? Comment below with your timely thoughts.

Image: BBC

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