DOCTOR WHO Drops Explosive New Year’s Day Trailer

While the first promo pics for the Doctor Who New Year’s Day special may have sent fans poring over the internet looking for that Paul Smith scarf, we finally have something meatier to sink our teeth into. With the season 11 finale, “The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos,†airing later today on BBC America, we’ve finally gotten a glimpse at the official trailer for the holiday episode.Although the previews for individual episodes of season 11 have been light on almost any details about their respective installment, this trailer is positively epic. Explosions, swerving cars, and hints at some massive battle sequences both modern and historical are enough to ratchet up the suspense, but what really sells it is Jodie Whittaker’s monologue. Listen to the tremble of fear in her voice as she speaks. What mysterious creature has been hidden away, threatening all life on Earth? The immediate assumption most Whovians might jump to is Daleks, and a return of the Doctor’s greatest enemy with a suspenseful build-up and legitimate reason to fear them would certainly be welcome. Given the season we’ve just seen, however, it’s likely that Chris Chibnall and his team have something entirely different up their sleeves. While fans today might be feeling a twinge of disappointment in the announcement that season 12 will be delayed from late 2019 to early 2020, it seems that at least the Doctor and her friends are preparing to send us off with a bang as we wait it out for their return.

Images and video: BBC

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