DOCTOR WHO Audio Drama Uniting David Tennant and Tom Baker

What do you get when you add four and ten? Depends on the time. And this time that equals all-new audio drama featuring two different incarnations of our favorite Time Lord. The Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, is teaming up with the Tenth, David Tennant, for the original audio adventure Doctor Who: Out of Time. It will unite generations of the beloved show in a story featuring the Doctor’s oldest enemy.

But this crossover isn’t merely a one-time event. It will kick off a trilogy of tales that will each feature a different pair of Doctor team-ups.

DOCTOR WHO Audio Drama Uniting David Tennant and Tom Baker_1Big Finish

Big Finish has announced their newest audio drama will bring together two different incarnations of the famous time-traveling native of Gallifrey. Baker, who played the role for seven seasons from 1974 to 1981, will work his Tenth version in Tennant. He played the role for three seasons from 2006 to 2008. The pair will, unfortunately for them, meet at a favorite spot, causing entire dimensions to shatter. That opens an opportunity for a familiar enemy to attack.

“The Cathedral of Contemplation is an enigma, existing outside time. It turns through history, opening its doors across the universe to offer solace to those in need.

Occasionally, the Doctor drops in – when he’s avoiding his destiny, it’s an ideal place to get some perspective. Only, he’s already there several lives earlier, so when dimension barriers break down, his past and present collide.

And when the Daleks invade and commandeer the Cathedral, two Doctors must unite to stop them – or face extermination twice over!”

DOCTOR WHO Audio Drama Uniting David Tennant and Tom Baker_2BBC

Fans aren’t the only ones who will be excited by this pairing. “Tom Baker was obviously the first Doctor that I knew. I was small when he took over and I grew up through the seven years that he was the Doctor,” said Tennant in a statement. “I was a massive fan. I met him in John Menzies in Glasgow and he signed my book. I had a doll of him. All that. Tom Baker was very much the Doctor. There is something about the way he is associated with the character that seems utterly timeless.”

The first volume of Doctor Who: Out of Time, which will also star Nicholas Briggs as the Daleks, will be available in August 2020. It’s already available to pre-order as a collector’s edition CD (for just £10.99/$13.50), or a digital download (for just £8.99/$11). Or you can pre-order the entire the bundle (£27/$33 CD or £24/$29.50 download), which will eventually contains all three volumes in the series.

DOCTOR WHO Audio Drama Uniting David Tennant and Tom Baker_3BBC

The other two installments will also feature new pairs of Doctors teaming up, but we don’t know what those lineups will look like yet. But it doesn’t matter what two numbers they add together; combining different Doctors always adds up.

Featured Image: Big Finish

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