Do Crowley and Aziraphale Become a Couple in GOOD OMENS Season 2?

Some Good Omens fans only wanted one thing from season two of the Prime Video series. They wanted Aziraphale and Crowley to recognize something that seemed so obvious to them: they don’t just act like an old married couple, they are truly in love with one another. But did Earth’s best angel and demon come to that conclusion in season two? And did Crowley and Aziraphale finally kiss like so many have been eager to see them do since the inception of Good Omens? Or did their relationship continue to be one of friendship rather than romance? We finally got an answer during Good Omens second season finale.

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Did Crowley and Aziraphale Kiss During Good Omens Season Two?

Good Omens‘ shippers finally got what they wanted in season two’s last episode when Crowley professed his love for Aziraphale and kissed him. It was a moment foreshadowed throughout the season by Nina and Maggie, the two characters who made that moment possible. But the long road to that kiss did not take the angel and demon to the same place. Although Crowley and Aziraphale did kiss, they didn’t exactly get together at the end of Good Omens season two… at least not yet.

How Did Nina and Maggie Make Crowley Realize He’s in Love With Aziraphale?

Nina stands against her coffee shop counter on Good Omens
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Maggie and Nina instantly recognized what Crowley and Aziraphale seemingly couldn’t on their own, which is that they were a couple in every way. No matter how many times the two local shopkeepers pointed that out to Crowley, he brushed them aside. Then they forced the issue in the finale.

With Heaven and Hell’s leaders no longer on Earth, the two women went back to the book shop to tell the angel and demon what they needed to hear. Only Crowley was there when they arrived, so they laid out some obvious truths about Crowley and “his partner.”

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They explained the two need each other. Crowley is “the hard bitten one who can’t trust anyone ever again” while Aziraphale “is the soft one who still believes in magic and people being basically good and all that.” Only Crowley and Aziraphale won’t acknowledge what they both know to be true and get together because they “don’t ever talk to each other.”

Saying what they were “really thinking” about one another was what Maggie and Nina needed to do. And it was what Crowley and Aziraphale finally needed to do as well. That push was exactly what Crowley needed to finally acknowledge his own feelings, the same feelings Aziraphale obviously shared. Only, that conversation came at a very bad time.

Why Didn’t Crowley Join Aziraphale In Heaven?

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While Crowley was waiting to profess his love, Aziraphale was busy accepting a new job. The Metatron offered Aziraphale Gabriel’s former position as the Heavenly host. That role came with a big perk. Aziraphale could restore Crowley to his full angelic status so he could serve as Aziraphale’s second in command.

Before Crowley could share his feelings, Aziraphale told him everything the Metatron said. Crowley then flew off the handle when he learned Aziraphale was returning to Heaven. “We’re better than that,” he said. “You’re better than that, angel. You don’t need them.” But Aziraphale still believes people are basically good, including angels. He thinks with them in charge, they can help the “good” side live up to its potential.

Crowley thinks Heaven will ultimately destroy Earth same as Hell, so he made one last plea to Aziraphale that laid out exactly how he feels and what he wants for both of them. It’s an emotional, heartfelt monologue Good Omens shippers wanted to hear, too, one that lays bare their entire relationship:

We’ve known each other a long time. We’ve been on this planet for a long time. I mean you and mean. I could always rely on you. You could always rely on me. We’re a team. A group…a group of the two of us. And we’ve spent our existence pretending that we aren’t. I mean, the last few years…not really. And I would like to spend…I mean, if Gabriel and Beelzebub can do it, go off together, than we can. Just the two of us. We don’t need Heaven, we don’t need Hell. They’re toxic. We need to get away from them, just be an “us.” You and me, what do you say?

It didn’t work. Aziraphale still wanted Crowley to go to Heaven with him and said, “Nothing lasts forever.”

“No, no I suppose it doesn’t,” Crowley said, wishing Aziraphale “good luck.” But when Aziraphale pleaded with Crowley and said, “I need you,” Crowley call him an “idiot” because they “could have been… us” together. That’s when Crowley kissed him.

Crowley and Aziraphale kissing on Good Omens
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How Did Aziraphale Respond to Crowley Kissing Him? Did Crowley and Aziraphale Get Together in Good Omens Season Two?

“I forgive you,” said a shocked Aziraphale after their kiss. “Don’t bother,” responded Crowley as he left.

It might not have been the ending either of them wanted. Nor was it exactly the one Good Omens‘ fans hoped for when they dreamed of seeing that Crowley and Aziraphale kiss. But with a third season looking likely, it might be the start of something millions of years in the making.

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