Dizzying Simulation Video Reveals Cliff Height Comparisons

Warning, this simulation video may cause you to get dizzy because it is all about falling from great heights. In MetaBallStudios‘ latest deep dive into comparing different fascinating features of the universe, they take us on a tour of some big drops. From the smallest of cliffs to some absolutely astronomical drops, here’s a look at how cliff heights around the world compare. The simulation concludes, of course, by giving us a taste of what a 20,000-meter drop might feel like. Take a look at this cliff-height comparison video for the full experience.

Honestly, this video is as thrilling as any roller coaster ride or cliff-diving experience we might find out there. We truly feel like we’re falling in real-time and experiencing a vast array of drops. It really is some great work. We’ve seen MetaBallStudios compare the world’s deepest structures and even sea monster sizes, but this cliff-height comparison simulation leaves us literally breathless. And very glad our two feet are on the floor.

A car going off the edge of a cliff in cliff height or drop comparison video simulating drops from high altitudes

The video really puts things into perspective. The first cliff drop at 25m, simulating cliffs like the United States’ Calvert Cliffs or Ukraine’s Snake Island, ends before we can blink. But the final cliff, which features a 20,000-foot drop simulating Verona Rupes, a cliff on Miranda, a moon of Uranus, just goes and goes and goes. It feels literally unbelievable.

All we can say is, this kind of makes us glad we aren’t superheroes. We bet Superman and Iron Man have to make these dives on the regular. And sure, they can fly, but does that make it any less scary? Just ask Batman how much he likes jumping off tall objects and you won’t need to know anything else. These heroes often have to go into outer space too, and this simulation promises some truly scary cliff heights out there.

Thanks, MetaBallStudios, after that cliff height comparison video, I think my heart has dropped into my stomach.

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