Hero Dad Builds DIY Millennium Falcon Theater for His Kids

Do you suffer from TFOYFD (Tablet Falling On Your Face Disease)? Do you love Star Wars, but hate boinking your nose bones with heavy gadgets? Then you may want to follow the lead of YouTuber The Beardless Man — no wait, The Beardless Man! — and build a DIY Millennium Falcon tablet theater that can keep your face safe from the Force… of gravity! 

This debut video for The Beardless Man channel, which comes via Laughing Squid, features a man that has a face a lot like Mister Rogers’ conscience: squeaky clean. For his first man-dad creation, the man-dad-creator turned to something he both literally and metaphorically eats for breakfast: Star Wars. In particular, The Beardless Man wanted to celebrate his first chance at seeing the entirety of Rogue One. (There was apparently an incident that disallowed him from doing so originally; who has their money on issue with the kids?)

Perhaps the best part of the build occurs when The Beardless Man and his beardless progeny go toe-to-toe in a duel for the ages (4-6)! Look at this father-son stare off with lightsabers! All you need now is a puppy dressed like Chewbacca… Nay, Chew-barka!

What do you think about this Millennium Falcon tablet theater build? Is this how you want to represent Falcon pride in your home, or would you prefer that bed that lets you sleep in the Falcon’s cockpit (and could totally fit full-size adults no problem, probably). Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Images: The Beardless Man 

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