How to DIY GOD OF WAR’s Leviathan Axe

If you’ve played Sony Santa Monica’s  God of War, you know that recalling Kratos’ Leviathan Axe is one of the greatest video game feelings in years. Hurling the axe into a rogue Draugr’s head and calling it back to your hand, a la Thor’s Mjolnir, makes you feel like an absolute badass.


Thanks to YouTuber Odin Makes, you can now feel like the same kind of badass IRL, provided you have the time and the skill to create the axe yourself.

Odin’s prop looks just like the in-game model, even down to the glowing runes carved into the axe head. If you’re good enough to figure it out, you can try to upgrade it like Kratos does with more intricate pommels and handles, but the base weapon looks good enough on its own. You don’t even need Dragon Tears or twin Dwarves to forge this bad boy; just an Amazon account and access to a Home Depot and a Walmart. The axe won’t be Asgardian steel, but it’ll do for us mortals.This is a perfect project for those who like to build their own props, and, in the spirit of the game, maybe build it with your kid. Just make sure and use their actual name, instead of constantly referring to them as “boy.”

What do you think of this IRL Leviathan Axe? Is it possible to wield it without cursing Athena’s name? Let us know in the comments below.

Image: Sony

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