This DIY Electric Knife Gets Really Hot And Might Not Be Very Safe

When it comes to things you can do yourself, such tasks fall into three groups: Things you should do on your own, things that you could do on your own but might be better handled by a professional, and things you should absolutely not try yourself. For example, here’s one from each group: Pouring yourself a glass of water, fixing the sink (if you do it yourself and mess up, your insurance might be less likely to cover costs of damages than if a pro did it, I’d imagine), and making a red-hot electric knife that could probably slide clean through your femur in five seconds. Now that you’ve been properly disclaimed, check out how awesome this super hot knife is, a knife so awesome that you definitely shouldn’t try to make one of your own (via BoingBoing)

The knife was created pretty simply, it seems, using components from a microwave, some wires, and a knife. The knife has a long slot cut through most of its length, which apparently helps the blade to become properly heated. Once they get it all put together and turn it on, it pretty quickly starts smoking. Not long after that, a patch of red head starts to bloom and take over the middle section of the knife until the majority of it is looking pretty darn toasty. Speaking of toast, they test out the blade by cutting into a loaf of bread, which the knife goes through pretty easily and actually toasts on its way through. The video continues with the cutting of some plastic things, which isn’t the best considering the fumes it produces. Then again, there’s a lot about this video that shouldn’t be replicated.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever DIY’d? Let us know below!

Featured image: KREOSAN English/YouTube

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