DIY Crow Wreath Is A Halloween Omen

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Just like Hitchcock’s The Birds, the fear is real. And now, this Halloween, you can take your avian love to the next level with this DIY Crow Wreath.

With just a wreath form and some craft birds, you can create a welcome door decoration/bird flu warning. Both fitting for Halloween decor.

Even the directions for this craft are appropriately creepy, “Remove all the legs from the faux crows.” Good thing the word “faux” was specified.

This craft takes less than ten minutes, leaving you just enough time to plan your escape in case your night becomes more Hitchcock-ian.

Get the complete Crow Wreath DIY from Magia Mia.

Will you be attempting this bird wreath? Let us know in the comments and tag @geekandsundry on instagram but don’t tag @justjennrecipes because of her obvious bird uneasiness.

images: Rook No. 17

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