Disneyland Animatronics Literally Lose Their Heads, Keep Singing Anyway

The Walt Disney theme parks are kind of like 24 hour, non stop theatrical productions. There’s a reason that Disneyland employees are called “cast members” after all. So it’s a little disconcerting when any kind of flaw in the show, so to speak, ever happens.

And recently, a pretty grisly flaw happened during Disneyland business hours not once, but twice in one day. And it’s one that Alice in Wonderland’s infamous Queen of Hearts would no doubt have loved, as the heads of two animatronics in popular rides came right off.

According to the Los Angeles Daily News, the head of Ursula the Sea Witch came off her shoulders in The Little Mermaid ride in Disney’s California Adventure (who’s the “poor unfortunate soul now??) and across the way (bay?), the auctioneer pirate in the Pirates of the Caribbean also lost his precious dome. While this has likely happened in the parks before, it was probably in an era before everyone had a camera on them at all times, so we just never heard about it.

The animatronics in Pirates of the Caribbean have been running for over fifty years, so something like this was bound to happen, but The Little Mermaid ride only opened in 2011: guess they don’t make talking and singing robots quite like they used to.

Personally, I’d just like to imagine it was the ghost of Walt Disney playing a prank on his employees.

Would you get freaked out by these headless singing robots? Let us know down below in the comments.

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Images: Disneyland Resort

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