We Love Disney’s Adorable Wheelchair Adaptive Costumes

Over the years at various Comic-Cons and Halloween events, we’ve seen awesome parents “plus up” their disabled kid’s wheelchairs so they can have the full cosplay experience. Why have just a regular costume, when you can have a “rolling costume” that beats all the other kid’s cosplay into the dirt? So far, almost all of these have been fan-created, or made by non-profits like the folks at Magic Wheelchair. But thanks to io9, we now know that Disney is officially getting into the game of creating themed cosplay for wheelchairs.

Wheelchair Covers for Kids Now Available from Disney_1

The Disney Shop

Disney’s first in a line of new wheelchair covers are based on two of their most iconic properties: Cinderella and The Incredibles. Right now, parents can buy the Incredibles 2 Incredimobile and  Cinderella’s pumpkin Coach designs for $50 a pop. And of course, Disney has the appropriate costumes to go with them. The covers are made from stiff felt print and feature custom artwork, and can attach to wheelchairs using special adhesive fabric strips. They also have a Buzz Lightyear adaptive costume. No rocket to Pizza Planet for that one–at least not yet.

These covers come specifically designed for manually-operated wheelchairs with 24-inch wheels. Since they inhibit any regular use of the chair, they do need a separate operator to push them along. But we can’t imagine any parent or guardian will mind doing so once they see the look on their little Cinderella or Mr. Incredible’s faces.

Wheelchair Covers for Kids Now Available from Disney_2

The Disney Shop

Last year, Target created something very similar. And their Pirate and Princess costumes were indeed cool. But we all remember that as kids, we always want the officially licensed versions of any character costume. So it’s smart of Disney to start producing these themselves. Hopefully, Buzz, Mr. Incredible and Cinderella are the first of many more to come.

Featured Image: The Disney Shop

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