RockLove’s Disney Villains Jewelry Is Wickedly Fashionable

The villainesses from the classic Disney animated films always know how to be stylishly bad. After all, most of them were royalty, or witches, or both. And let’s be honest, many of us who grew up with the likes of Ursula and Maleficent kind of were kind of secretly rooting for them the whole time anyway. Sorry/not sorry, Ariel. If you’ve ever wanted to channel a little Disney villain fashion, our friends at RockLove Jewelry, who have made pop culture inspired pieces based on properties as varied as Twin Peaks and Star Trek in the past, have turned their attention to a new collection of jewelry inspired by the leading ladies of Disney wickedness.

These rings, necklaces and earrings take us under the sea and straight to Ursula the Sea Witch’s cave from The Little Mermaid. Don’t be the poor unfortunate soul who doesn’t get at least one of these pieces for your collection.

The shell necklace opens to reveal a hidden touch: Ariel’s trapped voice in the form of musical notes.

Wearing some of these pieces will be like taking a trip down the rabbit hole, and getting a chance to play croquet with the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. Anyone in the mood to paint the roses red?

And who wouldn’t look fabulous gazing into their own magic mirror sporting these pieces, each inspired by Snow White‘s wicked stepmother? From poison apple rings to dagger-in-the-heart necklaces, you’ll look like the fairest one of all.

To see the rest of the Disney Villains collection by RockLove, be sure to check out our gallery below and visit  RockLove’s site.

What do you make of this delightfully villainous bling? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Images: RockLove, Disney
Models:  Isabel Hendrix, Kiera Please, and Anna Akana /Photographer Allan Amato.

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