AVENGERS CAMPUS: Everything You Need to Know About Disney’s MCU Theme Park

The biggest Disney fan festival in the world is set to take Anaheim by storm on August 23. The event will likely be closely watched as the world awaits new Disney+ news, MCU announcements, and, of course, the first full trailer for a little movie called… Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. But ahead of the official kickoff of D23, the House of Mouse released some major Park news, unveiling their Disney Parks “Imagining Tomorrow, Today” pavilion, which included some big reveals about an eagerly awaited new part of the Parks, as well as a whole new world coming to Epcot.

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The currently under construction MCU-themed area of Disney’s California Adventure has also been given a name, with the House of Mouse also releasing concept art and teasing details about the Avengers Campus being released throughout the weekend. Though details surrounding the new land—which is also opening at Disneyland Paris—are currently relatively scarce, Disney has revealed that “guests who visit these campuses will become part of an interconnected, global story spanning from California to Paris to Hong Kong, as the Avengers recruit new extraordinary people to join them.” Concept art for the upcoming land depicts both Stark and Pym technology logos, as well as a few other Avengers-centric details. Hinting at further information surrounding the new Park addition, the House of Mouse added that “an in-story experience that details why the Avengers are building these campuses will be part of the “Imagining Tomorrow, Today” pavilion throughout D23 Expo 2019.”

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On Sunday during their parks panel, Disney revealed even more about the new MCU themed area which the announced will be hitting Disney California Adventure next year. The official Marvel website describes the highly-anticipated new area as a space that will encompass multiple iconic places from the MCU. “The campus is set up by the Avengers to recruit the next generation of Super Heroes. The campus will feature several key addresses within the land, starting with the Worldwide Engineering Brigade, also known as “WEB”. This will be the home of the new Spider-Man experience, the first Disney ride-through attraction to feature the webslinger!”

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The Spider-Man ride looks exceedingly cool and will allow riders to shoot their own webs as they take on the role of visitors to WEB where “aspiring inventors who are excited to have you test drive their latest invention: the “Web-Slinger” vehicle. While riding the attraction you’ll be able to sling webs just like Spider-Man and gives you a glimpse of what it’s like to have super powers like Spider-Man himself as you help collect Spider-Bots that have run amok.” It’ll be interesting to see just how that part of the ride comes to life when Phase One of the Campus opens at DCA in 2020.

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Other highlights include the Pym test kitchen which will be a restaurant where “Pym Technologies is using their latest innovations to grow and shrink food, just like how Ant-Man and The Wasp shrink down using “Pym Particles.” We’re expecting some fun foodstuff in unexpected sizes and the fact that D23 featured a giant pretzel seems to hint that we’re right.

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Some of the most exciting news was about an upcoming ride that won’t be open until what Disney is calling Phase Two of Avengers Campus. “The Avengers Headquarters will be the future home of a brand new E-Ticket attraction that will let you step onboard a Quinjet and fly along with the Avengers on a Super Hero adventure to Wakanda. Of course what Super Hero experience wouldn’t be complete without a team up as you and the Avengers take to the battlefield to save the world from one of the most powerful villains the Avengers have ever faced.” One of the most interesting tidbits about this ride is that Disney mentioned that riders get to “Suit Up” though we still aren’t exactly clear about how that will be brought to life.

You can check out some of the other Disney Parks news below!

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The second big announcement is the news that a new Moana themed attraction will be headed to Epcot. As the D23 website reveals, “when Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana opens, it will let guests interact with magical, living water in a beautiful and inspiring setting.” It sounds pretty magical and as big fans of the Disney animated hit, we can’t wait to see how this fits into what Disney is calling a “multi-year transformation” to the beloved park at the Florida Walt Disney World resort.

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The last bit of exciting Disney Park news is new details surrounding the immersive Star Wars vacation experience coming to Walt Disney World. The highly anticipated addition to the park will be called Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser. According to the D23 website, “The all-new Star Wars vacation experience coming to the Walt Disney World Resort, Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, invites guests to embark on a two-night adventure aboard a glamorous starship. During this first-of-its-kind vacation experience, you’ll interact with characters and become an active participant in immersive stories that unfold over the course of an unforgettable galactic journey on board the starcruiser (to be called the Halcyon).” Additional details from the new Disney World attraction are set to be revealed throughout the expo.

With all this exciting news coming the night before D23 kicks off, we can only imagine the big reveals Disney has in store for fans this weekend.

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