Disney Parks’ Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bars Are Coming to Grocery Stores

Disney might bill itself as the happiest place on Earth, but pretty soon the frozen section of your local grocery store will be a pretty joyous place to visit too. To celebrate Mickey‘s ninetieth birthday, the Mouse House is making one of its most popular treats available outside of its parks for the first time ever. Soon you’ll be able to enjoy a Mickey Mouse ice cream bar in your own castle.In a story we first heard about at Mental Floss, the Miami Herald reports that starting in February, the iconic Mickey Mouse ice cream bar, which is a vanilla ice cream dipped in milk chocolate and shaped like Mickey’s head, will be sold at grocery stores around the country. The “True Original” ice cream bars from Nestlé will come in a pack of six, and while at three ounces per bar they are a little smaller than the four-ounce ones found in the park, their price tag is a lot easier to digest. A Mickey bar at Disney World costs almost $6, but an entire “True Original” box will only be $7.49. Plus you don’t have to pay an admission price to go into a supermarket.The bars that will be found in stores starting in February will also be a little healthier. The grocery store variety will use skim milk ice cream; combined with their smaller size, that will make them only 210 calories each, compared to the park bars’ 330 calories.Of course that won’t matter much when we eat an entire box in one sitting. But hey, this is part of Mickey’s ninetieth birthday celebration, so it’s okay! At least that’s what we’re going to tell ourselves so we can enjoy the happiest ice cream on Earth.

Images: DFBGuide/YouTube, Nestlé

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