Disney Food Takes the Cake in This Charming Art

When you think about food at theme parks, you might imagine mediocre hamburgers and chewy soft pretzels. That is not the case at Disney Parks. The snacks and drinks at places like Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and Disneyland have devoted fanatics who center their theme park visits around trying the newest food and beverage offerings.

Spoilers: I am one of these fanatics and I have a Disney food-themed Instagram to prove it.Artist Donna Yan is also enthusiastic about the many edible offerings at the parks, specifically the parks at Disneyland Resort (Disneyland and Disney California Adventure). Her work came to our attention through The Disney Food Blog. She is such a fan that she’s created an extensive series of illustrations showcasing delicious snacks such as churros, popcorn, the ever popular Dole Whip, and much more.

Pardon me, I’m drooling.

Yan’s art stars the food, but with the additions of Mickey Mouse ears, balloons, and other details (sometimes the snacks are sharing other snacks with each other!), she captures the fun of Disneyland and joy of a day in the parks. I mean, look at that pizza from Pizza Port hugging the BB-8 sipper. It just puts a smile on your face.

Please do yourself a favor and hit the gallery below to see more Disneyland food inspired art by Yan. You’ll find secret menu drinks from Disney California Adventure’s Cove Bar, food dressed as Haunted Mansion cast members, and more. Then, go to Yan’s website to see tons more food art and purchase prints (I’m envisioning covering my kitchen with these) and hit up her Etsy shop for stickers and postcards. You can also keep up with her work on Instagram.

Which snacks at Disney Parks are on your must-eat list? Tell me in the comments or come share recs on Twitter.

Images: Donna Yan

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