Disney Made a Donald Duck THREE CABALLEROS TV Show

Imagine if Disney made a brand new Donald Duck TV series almost completely under the radar. It would be extremely unusual, especially since Donald currently has a big role in the DuckTales reboot. But apparently, it’s happened. Disney’s Legend of the Three Caballeros reunites Donald with Panchito Pistoles and José Carioca, his co-stars from the 1944 animated film, The Three Caballeros, and the series is already out…just not in the United States.

Via Cartoon BrewLegend of The Three Caballeros is only available on Disneylife, a video on-demand app that is being tested in a few select countries. So far, the Philippines is the only place that the show can be found. A few clips from the series have shown up online, however, including the opening sequence that makes it look like the absolutely crazy Disney adventure series we’ve been waiting for.

Casual Disney fans may not be familiar with The Three Caballeros, but their shared history dates back to 1942, when Walt Disney Pictures released Saludos Amigos. That film was designed to extend Disney’s appeal to Latin America, and it introduced Donald’s new best friend, José Carioca. Two years later, The Three Caballeros added Panchito Pistoles to the mix and made the group a trio. Since then, Panchito and José have made infrequent appearances in animation, but José has proven to be a very popular character in the foreign Disney comics.

As noted by Cartoon BrewLegend of The Three Caballeros was created by Disney Interactive, which operates outside of Disney Television Animation. This show is also completely separate from the DuckTales reboot, with no elements of the Carl Barks comics or even the previous Ducktales series other than Donald himself.

While Legend of The Three Caballeros doesn’t currently have a release set for the United States, 2019 will be the 75th anniversary of The Three Caballeros, and Disney is also launching its own streaming service next year. Legend of The Three Caballeros could potentially be one of the exclusive series for it, but we fully expect it to come to America at some point.

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Images: Disney Interactive, Disney

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