Artist Reimagines Disney Characters as Avengers

Disney doesn’t own every IP… just most of them. The Mouse House has as a roster of characters so deep they could fill an ocean with them and still have some Jedi left over. It really is crazy. Other studios would kill just to have the rights to the MCU, let alone also owning the rights to Pixar and Star Wars. Not to mention Disney’s other animated films are a juggernaut unto themselves. Frozen would be the signature franchise anywhere else.

But while there are obvious problems with one creative outlet possessing so many IPs, it does mean we can dream up some outrageous cultural crossovers. And that’s exactly what we’re doing after seeing the fantastic illustrations of an artist who has recast the Avengers with some of Disney’s most famous cartoon characters.

French illustrator Samuel Chevé, who publishes under the professional name Lamuse, has created a series of Disney mashups (which we first came across at Geeks Are Sexy). He takes beloved animated characters and draws them as Earth’s mightiest heroes (and their cohorts) from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The delightful drawings look like Disney Animation threw the greatest Avengers-themed costume party ever.

Do you prefer Kristoff in the classic Captain America outfit, or with his bearded Infinity War look?

Maybe he’d make an even better Thor.

Or maybe he is more of a Peter Quill type.

We know who “Kristoff Starlord” would be very interested in meeting.

But we also know which Queen of Arendelle has the real power, in any form.

And if the queen isn’t available to help, the king is.

This one is too soon for us to deal with emotionally. And it always will be.

Make sure to check out Chevé’s Instagram page, where he has plenty more Disney/Avengers crossovers. He also has some for other pop culture icons.

See? Disney doesn’t own every popular franchise and character. Well, at least it doesn’t for now.

Featured Image: Disney

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