New DIE HARD Official Trailer Confirms It’s A Christmas Movie

For years now, movie fans have been debating whether or not the Bruce Willis/Alan Rickman action cinema classic  Die Hard is a Christmas movie. To us, the answer was always clear: if a movie takes place during the holiday season, then yes, it is indeed a Christmas movie. But now we have proof that 20th Century Fox sees it that way too — to celebrate this festive classic, they have released a new trailer for the film, reframing it as a wacky Christmas comedy. Because it totally is. You can check out the trailer for Die Hard: The Greatest Christmas Story down below:

This was done for the release of a new Blu-ray 30th Anniversary edition, which comes decked out in its own ugly Christmas sweater (okay, slipcase) and with four holiday cards, so you can send your loved ones greetings straight from Nakatomi Plaza. You can also now purchase The Die Hard – Christmas Edition on Blu-ray and digital, along with the other four films in the franchise, all of which are newly available on 4K Digital.And by the way, the “Die Hard is a Christmas movie” thing applies to lots of other movies as well. The same thing goes for Batman Returns and Gremlins, as far as we’re concerned. A movie doesn’t have to have the words “Christmas” or “Holidays” in the title to be considered a Christmas movie. If that were the case, then It’s a Wonderful Life wouldn’t be eligible either. When a movie is theatrically released matters less than when the darn thing takes place! And Die Hard takes place at Christmas! So let’s end this debate once and for all, folks.

Images: Twentieth Century Fox

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