Did Maisie Williams and Lena Headey Spoil GAME OF THRONES’ Ending?

We know that after seven years on the most famous show in the world,  Game of Thrones cast members know how to stop leaking spoilers.

However two original cast members have forced us to ask a seemingly unthinkable question: did Maisie Williams and Lena Headey just give away how the series will end? We’ll forego a Trial by Combat and look at the actual evidence to answer this very serious accusation. Williams shared a very interesting photo on her Instagram account announcing she had filmed her final scene for the show. We can read a million possibilities into what bloody shoes mean for Arya, but there are only a couple of ways we can read her first hashtag.

“Last woman standing.” Seven bloody hells, Maisie! Are you the last woman on the show to finish shooting, or do you mean Arya is the only lady of Westeros still alive at the series’ end? (Or much, much worse, the last one to die?) That photo and hashtag alone would be enough to send us into a theorizing frenzy, but as Twitter user The Extraordinary Xilla noted, Lena Headey took this inflammatory post and threw a whole bunch of wildfire on it. Look at the comment she left.

“QUEEN.” Like, Arya becomes queen of Westeros? ( Maybe alongside Gendry?) This….this is not funny. Waiting a whole extra year for the final season is already hard enough without this added stress.

Now before we take this as sure-fire proof, Headey has done this before. She once shared an image hinting at the arrival of a certain Lady with a heart of stone who never showed up.

HAHAHA HILARIOUS, LENA. I predicted that character coming back for four straight years…

Of course, not every post of hers has proven to be a joke, since she did foreshadow a major death from the book would also happen on the show.

Also not funny.

So what does it all mean for how the series might end? The odds lean towards “nothing.” They are far too smart to give away a major spoiler like this so obviously, and yet we can’t totally dismiss that they know we know that. So this could be a double fake out, and that’s exactly what we would expect from Cersei Lannister and someone trained by the Faceless Men.

So did Maisie Williams and Lena Headey just spoil how the show will end? All the evidence says….MAYBE.

Okay, Trial by Combat it is.

What do you think? Is this a spoiler, or just them having some fun? Tell us in the comments below what you make of this.

Featured Image: HBO

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