Did Goofy Murder His Wife?

Everybody knows Goofy! That dimwitted, kind, caring dog is one of Disney‘s most lovable characters ever. He’s also a great dad to his wonderful son Max, who he has raised alone as a single parent. But one thing we don’t know about Goofy is what ever happened to his wife. Did Max’s mom leave her husband and child behind to start a new life? Did she tragically pass away when her son was young? Or is the truth much more terrible than that? Was she murdered? And worse yet: was she murdered by Goofy?!That might sound impossible, but this week’s Animation Investigation lays out the shockingly strong case for why everything we think we know about that sweet, charming Goofy might be wrong.[brightcove video_id=”5844023862001″ brightcove_account_id=”3653334524001″ brightcove_player_id=”rJs2ZD8x”]Join host Hector Navarro as he presents the surprisingly logical and compelling evidence for why the authorities should look into the unexplained disappearance of Goofy’s wife. Or should we say the abusive, philandering wife of Mr. George Geef. That’s right, long before he became the sweet father with a Southern drawl we know and love, Goof was Geef. From there, all the pieces start to fall into place, like why Goofy’s personality changed so much, why he and Max lived in a mobile trailer before moving back to Spoonerville, and why it all points to murder.Now is this evidence strong enough to convict? Probably not, but it’s definitely enough to warrant a real investigation. Although A Very Goofy Murder Trial might not be quite right for the Disney Channel.What do you think? Did George Geef/Goofy Goof murder his wife? Tell us in the comments section below if you’d convict him.

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