Diamond Select KINGDOM HEARTS Toy Line Adds TRON and Sark

You can count on a Kingdom Hearts action figure line to include protagonist Sora, and the various key Disney characters he encounters. But a report at Gamespot this week made us feel like the real kings, as we learned that not only are Sora,  Donald Duck, and Goofy entering the Grid and getting Tron-ified, but that we’re also getting action figures of the original Tron and Sark!

It’s not clear whether these sport the official likenesses of Bruce Boxleitner and David Warner (an inquiry to which Diamond Select hadn’t replied as of press time), but they certainly look close enough for comfort. Tron comes packed with Goofy and a Shadow, while Donald, true to his general penchant for finding trouble, is packed in with bad guy Sark, as well as good guy Sora.

The wave’s not entirely Tron-based, however, as black-coat Mickey comes with a Shadow Assassin and a Shadow.

You can expect these three-packs towards the end of the year, available in specialty stores for $25 apiece; as with others in the Kingdom Hearts line, there will likely be less-deluxe versions at other retailers for lower price points.

Clearly, the team at Diamond Select fights for the users. A full-scale Recognizer is probably out of the question, but we’d gladly take more OG characters like Flynn, Yori, and Sark’s guards. Throw in a build-the-MCP collect-and-connect diorama and you’d have us hooked.

Are these the Tron figures you’ve been waiting for? RES-olve to tell us what you think in comments!

Images: Diamond Select

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