‘Deep Space Settlers’ is a Gorgeous Reimagining of SETTLERS OF CATAN

Settlers of Catan, which first came out in 1995, is a staple of game night (and also, apparently, an amazing way to organize game night nachos). But even a canonical board game like Settlers can do with a little refreshing. Case in point: Deep Space Settlers, a one-off version of the classic board game that takes settling out into “space… the final frontier.” (Feel free to say that like Patrick Stewart in your head; too late you already did.)

Deep Space Settlers, which comes via Gizmodo, is the brainchild of “digital alchemist” Fuzzy Wobble and Amy Wang. The creative duo set out to “rethink the era and aesthetic of the game,” and judging by the images of the one-off set, they most certainly have achieved their goal.

Gameplay is based on Seafarers of Catan, which allows players to explore oceans and discover new territories and resources. In the case of Deep Space Settlers, this exploration takes place out in, well, space.

Instead of Wood, Sheep, Ore, Wheat and Brick, Deep Space Settlers vie for Space Wood, Space Sheep, Space Ore, Space Wheat, and Space Brick. Wobble and Wang didn’t change the names drastically because they say they didn’t want players to have to remember a whole bunch of new resources. But even though the names haven’t changed too much, the cards, as you can see, are now insanely well crafted.

Cities in Deep Space Settlers have also changed, built like skyscrapers, one piece on top of another, as opposed to the original game that simply switches out settlements for cities. The robber is also a big silver dome. If you want to check out images of the cities or the robber, or just more close-ups of the other all the new pieces, you can do so in the image gallery below. 

Unfortunately, it looks as though Wobble and Wang won’t be selling this version of the board game, so all we can do is shut up and admire the craftsmanship. Fuzzy Wobble has released instructions for DIY projects in the past however, so maybe all hope isn’t lost for having one of these sets for your next game night ON MARS ( after SpaceX and Elon Musk take us all there in their big spaceship.)

What do you think about this one-off version of Settlers of Catan? Is this the upgrade the game needed or are Wobble and Wang messing with perfection? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Images: Fuzzy Wobble & Amy Wang

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