There’s a Hidden Cypher in the New DEATH STRANDING Trailer

As if all of the info we’ve gotten surrounding Death Stranding wasn’t cryptic enough, it turns out there’s even another layer of secrecy hidden in the new trailer. We were all shocked when the first look we got from  Sony last week revealed ’70s television star Lindsay Wagner as a member of the game’s cast, but what we didn’t notice was that her necklace has a code-like patten in the beads. Of course, nothing escapes the eyes of the internet, especially when we’ve been conditioned to scrutinize every frame of anything Hideo Kojima puts out (let’s be honest, the man is a crazy creative genius). Russian Twitter-user Nik Ambors was one of the first to notice the code, and was able to decipher it only two days after the trailer dropped. Apparently, the pattern is inspired by the quipu method of record keeping, a system the Incas used in ancient Andean South America.

Turns out it translates into a musical melody, which leads to the chorus of the song “Give Me an Answer” by Icelandic electronica group Low Roar. After discovering the band’s work, Kojima personally reached out to have them create a song specifically for Death Stranding. According to the video’s director, the song and music video were created with the game’s plot and setting in mind. So more clues about the game have been sitting out in the open for almost a year, and no one had any clue. Classic Kojima, am I right?

The video depicts a group of people driving to a motel and drawing straws. We also see some weird devices with tubes coming out of them, lights flickering on and off rapidly, and the characters being covered in a mysterious black goo. So it’s just about as bizarre as we would expect.

But what do you think? Does this mean anything significant for the game’s plot? Could there be any more hidden messages? Let us know in the comments!

Image: Kojima Productions, Tumblr user asexualnathandrake

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