Death by Paper Cuts: Assassin’s Creed Paper Parkour

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Assassin’s Creed and its dazzling special effects is now in theaters, but this amazing video by Serene Teh may be even more epic than the film. Teh’s incredible artistry, delivered with just ink and paper, makes for an unforgettable take on the Assassin’s Creed mythos.

Teh takes some of the signature elements of Assassin’s Creed–the breathtaking acrobatics and parkour, combined with close combat–and sets them to the perfect song to create a scene that looks like it’s straight out of the film.

Even though the illustrations are simple black ink lines, Teh infuses her drawings with so much energy and drama that you’ll find yourself watching the short video over and over again.

The Singapore-based designer is “currently exploring methods to animate [her] illustrations,” she writes on her bio page, and her experimentations are unique and striking. Teh started with a paper parkour concept over seven years ago in a motion reel video, and she’s clearly honed her skills since then with the smooth, high-quality animation shown in the Assassin’s Creed paper parkour.

If you’re now a fan of her work, take a look at her other Disney XD paper-motion videos on Vimeo.

What other game titles would you like to see animated? Tell us in the comments.

All Images: Serene Teh

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