Deadpool and Wolverine Marvel Comics Event Story Coming This Summer

2024 is shaping up to be the year of Deadpool & Wolverine, not just on the big screen, but also in the pages of Marvel Comics. The publisher has announced The Weapon X-Traction Saga, an event story starring Logan and Wade Wilson that will run through several titles this summer. Instead of appearing in its own series, this storyline will be a backup feature, at no extra cost, through eight ongoing Marvel titles. Weapon X-Traction Saga is written by Ryan North (Fantastic Four) and illustrated by Avengers artist Javier Garrón. You can read the official synopsis below:

Art for summer 2024's Deadpool and Wolverine event The Weapon X-Traction Saga by Javier Garrón.
Marvel Comics

Weapon X-Traction kicks off when a weary Wolverine runs into a clingy Deadpool at a favorite watering hole. From this humble beginning, they embark on an epic journey of non-friendship that will carry them across the Multiverse, battling zombies and gun-wielding librarians and—of course—one another!

The first issue for this storyline is Incredible Hulk #14, hitting in July. Fitting, as that’s the same month Wolverine & Deadpool arrives in theaters. It’s also fitting that this storyline kicks off in an issue of the Incredible Hulk series in particular. In July 1974, Wolverine made his debut in Incredible Hulk #181. So his starting a saga this big where he got his start fifty years ago just feels right. Marvel has yet to reveal which other titles this storyline will unfold in. Additionally, a release from Marvel shares that “Fans will also find that each issue containing an installment of the saga will have a special WEAPON X-TRACTION VARIANT COVER” that celebrates Deadpool & Wolverine. Cute.

Deadpool and Wolverine Variant cover for X-traction series
Marvel Comics

Although the character of Deadpool hit the scene almost two decades after Wolverine, the pair of frenemies have long been synonymous with one another. Mainly thanks to their similar powers via the Weapon X program, and their not-so-similar demeanors. Lest we forget, Ryan Reynolds’ version of the Merc with the Mouth actually first appeared in live-action in a Wolverine movie. Although, we do think Reynolds would like us to forget that actually.

The first chapter of The Weapon X-Traction Saga arrives this July. You can check out the full line-up below.

On Sale 7/17
INCREDIBLE HULK #14 Deadpool & Wolverine Weapon X-Traction Teaser Variant Cover by  Javier Garrón

On Sale 7/24
CAPTAIN AMERICA #11 Deadpool & Wolverine Weapon X-Traction Variant Cover by  Steve McNiven
FANTASTIC FOUR #22 Deadpool & Wolverine Weapon X-Traction Variant Cover by Steve McNiven

On Sale 7/31
SPIDER-GWEN: THE GHOST-SPIDER #3 Deadpool & Wolverine Weapon X-Traction Variant Cover by  Ryan Stegman​​​​​​​
IMMORTAL THOR #13 Deadpool & Wolverine Weapon X-Traction Variant Cover by  Jorge Molina

On Sale 8/7
AVENGERS #17 Deadpool & Wolverine Weapon X-Traction Variant Cover by  Cafu​​​​​​​
THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MEN #6 Deadpool & Wolverine Weapon X-Traction Variant Cover by  Declan Shalvey

On Sale 8/14
X-MEN #2 Deadpool & Wolverine Weapon X-Traction Variant by  David Nakayama

Originally published on February 23, 2024.

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