DEADPOOL 2 Will Have the Best GOLDEN GIRLS Easter Egg

The first Deadpool movie made its mark with in your face action, irreverent jokes, engaging characters, and Easter eggs– so many Easter eggs. Deadpool 2 won’t be any different. The teaser released earlier this year was packed with nods to other Marvel characters and films and other franchises such as Firefly. And now, via, wrap photos shared by Ryan Reynolds call out Easter eggs and show off a delightful tip of the hat to The Golden Girls‘ Bea Arthur.

Be sure to flip through the entire album:

Deadpool has a thing–more of an unhealthy obsession–for Bea Arthur, best known for her role as Dorothy Zbornak in The Golden Girls and not as well known for playing Ackmena in The Star Wars Holiday Special. In the comics, Deadpool once hallucinated Arthur, calling her “an angel of God.” The Deadpool Corps spaceship was even named Bea Arthur. And as the above photos show, Deadpool’s katanas in the sequel are engraved with names that serve as a tribute to his favorite Golden Girl; they’re called Bea and Arthur.

During filming of the first Deadpool movie, Reynolds told a fan he named Deadpool’s katanas Bea and Arthur, so it’s fitting that they’re properly labeled for Deadpool 2. Having the katanas is a nice follow-up to the Bea Arthur shirt Wade Wilson wore in the first film.

Note that Reynolds stated in his Instagram post that the set decorators and prop department put Easter eggs in almost every scene. That just means you’ll have to see the movie multiple times in order to catch them all.

Do you hope to see more Golden Girls Easter eggs in Deadpool 2? How many total Easter eggs do you think the film will have? Share your thoughts and Golden Girls quotes in the comments below.

Images: Disney/ABC/Marvel

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