DEAD SPACE Remake Trailer Promises Even More Chilling Space Adventures

“The transformation…” Dead Space 2023’s trailer notes, somewhat ominously, “It’s remarkable.” And that’s exactly what fans soon hope to say after they play through the remake of this popular sci-fi horror shooter game. The original Dead Space came out in 2008… Which, believe it or not, was nearly 15 years ago. At the time, it was revolutionary. And it hopes to be again in 2023. Gaming technology and platforms have come a long way in recent years, but, of course, the true success of the Dead Space remake will come down to capturing the chilling atmosphere, tangled mysteries, and gory glory of the original. But, if the Dead Space trailer is anything to go by, the remake is about to deliver some sci-fi fun.

“Humanity ends here.” With a tagline like that, how can we resist? But just what happened aboard the USG Ishimura? We’re about to find out… If we dare.

Dead Space remake battle shot

The synopsis for Dead Space offers us a little more insight into the remake. It reads:

Prepare to unravel a thrilling mystery in the darkest depths of space. When Isaac Clarke and the USG Kellion were dispatched to repair the USG Ishimura mining vessel, they had no idea how quickly a routine mission could turn into a complete nightmare. What did the Ishimura crew discover in the darkness? What happened to them? And what does this mean for the future of mankind itself?

Dead Space a Monster attacks

Mankind being on the line is always a surefire way to create some tension. The official site for Dead Space promises that this sci-fi survival horror will offer a deeper, more immersive gameplay experience than its original form. The game will come with sharper visuals, an expanded narrative, and new, more strategic decisions to make. Of course, all the gory thrills of a shooter will still be in place. We do not want to meet some of the monsters the Dead Space trailer promises us in a dark alley… Or in space.

Dead Space remake helmet

The Dead Space remake releases on January 27. You can pre-order it now.

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