DC Universe’s TITANS Trailer Wastes No Time Being TV-MA

“Where’s Batman?”

“Fuck Batman!”

With that exchange–and the copious amounts of blood shed in its new trailer– DC Universe‘s  Titans quickly stakes a claim as a not-your-CW-expectations show for the new streaming service. This is one Robin more likely to follow “Holy…” with an expletive than some plot-relevant clue. It would appear he’s a detective, trying to escape his past both as a member of the Flying Graysons, and a sidekick of the Dark Knight.

It’s Raven who looks to be the main protagonist of DC’s new series, however. She’ s looking for Dick Grayson, “The boy from the circus,” hoping he can help her…yet he may have no idea of the horrors she contains hinted at at the very end of the trailer. We don’t get to see Beast Boy actually transform yet, but he seems on the verge of it a couple of times, and Starfire may silence skeptics when her powered-up orange form actually does look like the comics character we know.

There’s a lot of blood shed here, too. You can’t do that on family programming. But while we do know that DC’s Titans and Doom Patrol will exist in the same universe, it isn’t clear how they factor into the CW’s Greg Berlanti-verse. All Jim Lee would tell us is “I would presume not,” which suggests the actual answer is “Not for now, but maybe later.”

Are these new Titans a “Go” in your mind? Would Batman approve of his young ward swearing at him? Let us know in comments below.

Images: Luke Y. Thompson

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