DC Relaunches That Infamous Jason Todd Poll 30 Years Later

It was 30 years ago when DC Comics’ classic Batman story A Death in the Family was released. The Jim Starlin and Jim Aparo arc is notable for many reasons: the gorgeous Mike Mignola covers, the exploration of Batman’s relationship with his young charges, and, probably most famously, for the 900-number phone-in poll that DC set up so fans could decide whether or not the current Robin, Jason Todd, would live or die after a vicious attack by the Joker. Well, if you missed that notorious moment in comic book history, you can now head over to  DC Universe and vote on the fate of the second Boy Wonder once again! The original poll ran in 1988’s Batman #427. The issue focuses on Jason after he’s relieved of his duties by Batman for being too impulsive. Feeling lost, the young man searches for his mother, who heartbreakingly sells out her son to the Joker. In a brutal sequence, Batman’s nemesis beats Jason with a crowbar before setting a time bomb. After Batman discovers the flaming ruins, DC placed the advert, which included two numbers fans could call. Though in the ’80s fans voted to kill Jason—which has been since seen as a highly controversial moment in DC history—the DC Universe poll is swinging largely in the other direction with almost 19,000 votes to keep Jason alive!

We doubt that this will change the fate of the new Jason Todd, who was just introduced in  Titans, but maybe DC is planning to introduce the Joker into the Titans mix. So if you’re a fan of Curren Miller’s sassy new sidekick then you better head to DC Universe and vote right now! Will you be voting to save Jason? Want to see that rude teen get beaten to death? Let us know below!

Images: DC Universe, DC Comics, Warner Bros.

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