7 Gems We Can’t Wait to Stream on DC UNIVERSE

Ever since DC Comics announced that they would be launching a streaming service encompassing their TV, film, and, most uniquely, comic book back catalogue, fans have been super excited to get their hands on what’s now known as DC Universe! We took the platform for a spin during the beta test and it’s incredibly fun, filled with fan faves and some lesser known gems. So we’ve picked out seven of those unsung delights for you to check out when the service launches this Friday, September 15—Batman Day!

Birds of Prey (2002)
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This little seen and short lived pre-CW live action TV show is an embarrassment of riches! Sort of pinning off from the events of The Killing Joke but set in the future, the show focuses on Barbara Gordon’s Oracle, Batman and Catwoman’s daughter Huntress, and the original Black Canary’s telepathic daughter Dinah as they team up to protect New Gotham. Corny in the best possible way and action-packed, this female-led season is massively underrated and unexpectedly fun!

Super Friends (1973)

One of the original depictions of a superhero shared universe in TV and film, this wacky and wild animated show was a huge hit when it premiered in 1973, but has become comic fan folklore as it’s rarely been widely available since the ’80s. Luckily, all nine seasons will be on DC Universe, and it’s a weird and wonderful experience. Focusing on Batman, Robin, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and other DC heroes, these strange stories are definitely worth a watch.

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993)
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For many of us, this fantastic sitcom spin on the legend of Clark Kent is memorable as our first interaction with an on-screen Superman and, of course, Lois Lane. A romantic comedy reimagining of the Man of Steel and his long-term love, the core of this hilarious serial is Teri Hatcher’s brilliant take on Lois. It ran for four years, charming the (red) pants off everyone who watched it, and we’re soooo happy that a whole new generation will get to see this cute classic.

Wonder Woman (2009)
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Shockingly, this is the only animated solo Wonder Woman movie and it’s pretty great. Based loosely on George Perez’s iconic reboot run on the book, this is another fantastic version of Diana’s origin and is full of badass Amazons and incredible animation, and it was even directed by a woman: WB Animation’s Lauren Montgomery! This one is not to be missed for fans of Diana Prince.

The Flash (1990)
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This musclebound marvel is another fantastic throwback to before superhero shows were on our screen almost every single night. Though we all know Grant Gustin’s version of the fastest man on Earth, John Wesley Shipp brought him to televisual life over two decades earlier. Not only is this superhero procedural a great cheesy watch for a cold winter’s eve, but the theme song is composed by none other than Danny Elfman, and Mark Hamill takes on his first DC villain role as The Trickster!

Gotham by Gaslight (2018)
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Mike Mignola, Brian Augustyn, Craig P. Russell, and David Hornung’s cult Elseworlds comic has been a long-time fan favorite. The alt-universe one-shot imagines Gotham in the Victorian times, tormented by a Jack the Ripper-inspired serial killer who, of course, is being hunted by Batman. The Caped Crusader quickly becomes a suspect and has to prove his innocence while also uncovering the mysteries of his past. This creepy chiller is a perfect mix of murder mystery and superhero caper.

The Adventures of Superboy (1988)

Another lesser seen live action offering is this hilarious series focused on the young years of Krypton’s last son, Superman. The show launched shortly after DC actually erased Superboy from their comics canon, yet it still managed to run for three years! The show was essentially Superman: The College Years, where Clark worked on the college paper and lived in the city of Siegelville, nicely named after Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel.

What are you most excited to watch when DC Universe drops later this week? Let us know below!

Images: DC Universe, Warner Bros.

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