DC Shoes Visits the Land of Ooo for ADVENTURE TIME Collaboration

When you need to kick digital or real bootays like Finn, you finally have the option to don the proper footwear thanks to DC Shoes. The company has collaborated with Cartoon Network to release a whole line of Adventure Time shoes. The mathematical kicks feature Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, Princess Bubblegum, BMO, and more of your favorite characters from the quirky animated series. And yes, sizes and styles are available for men, women, and kids, so everyone can feel radder, faster, and more adequate.

DC is an active wear, sports brand so the collection falls into the sneaker category, e.g. no high heels here. But really, would heels be appropriate for following a Finn and Jake lifestyle? Stilettos would certainly make heroics more difficult. DC’s laced low tops and high tops and slip-ons are ideal for long treks or confrontations with the Ice King. Besides being practical, the all over prints are snazzy and fashionable. In other words, these shoes are the stuff.

And while we’re talking about Adventure Time and shoes, remember the time Jake kept finding baby shoes in the ice?

Man, that cartoon is delightfully random and weird.

Anyway! You can view pictures showing off DC’s Ooo-tastic kicks in the gallery below. When you’re ready to own your own Finn and Jake sneakers, you can buy them from DC’s website.

Which pair of these shoes do you think is best suited for adventures? Head to the comments and tell me which styles you’d pick.

Images: DC Shoes

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