A DC Comics HOURMAN Film Is in Development

Another deep cut superhero is looking to make the jump to the big screen. Deadline is reporting that classic DC hero Hourman is being developed as a feature film. The writing duo of Gavin Games and Neil Widener are writing the script. No director is attached, as this project is in its earliest stages. The character first appeared in 1940, during the Golden Age of comics.

The original 1940s Hourman, Rex Tyler, in Adventure Comics.

DC Comics

There have been several iterations of Hourman, so it’s difficult to say which one is making the cut. The original, and still most famous, is scientist Rex Tyler. “Tick-Tock” Tyler is a chemist who develops a formula called “Miraclo,” granting him super strength, speed, and agility. But the catch is that he only has these powers for one hour, hence the name. Why he’d wear his weakness on his sleeve like that is baffling. But hey, it was a simpler time.

The third Hourman, an android from the far future, looms over Rick Tyler, Hourman II.

DC Comics

Hourman never headlined his own comic book, but appears regularly as a feature in the pages of Adventure Comics, and he’d become a founding member of the Justice Society of America. After the war, Hourman more or less faded from showing up in comics regularly. He’d appear in the Justice League/Justice Society crossovers, but that was about it.

His son Rick Tyler took over the mantle in the ’80s, and became the second Hourman. Like his father, he developed an addiction to the Miraclo pills, but ultimately conquered it. A third Hourman appeared in the ’90s. Hourman III is an android from the 853rd century, created from Rex Tyler’s DNA. This Hourman used the name Matthew Tyler, and had time manipulating and time travelling abilities.

The character of Hourman has appeared in live-action before, although never as a headliner. A version of the Rex Tyler Hourman appeared a few years back on Legends of Tomorrow. And both the Rex Tyler and Rick Tyler versions of Hourman are characters on the CW’s Stargirl series. Given their prominent role on both shows, it wouldn’t be surprising if the big screen Hourman is based on the ’90s concept, who has more interesting powers. But it remains to be seen.

Featured Image: DC Comics

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