David Lynch Eats a Donut in the Latest TWIN PEAKS Teaser

Showtime’s revival of the cult classic television series Twin Peaks was announced over two years ago now, and in all that time we’ve had barely a hint or an honest-to-goodness full length trailer. Just about one year ago, we got our very first teaser, which featured actor Michael Horse (reprising his role as Deputy Hawk) talking about the locations around Washington State where they filmed both the original and new series.

Then a couple of months back, we got a teaser which showed composer Angelo Badalamenti playing “Laura Palmer’s Theme” on the piano, and another featuring the cast talking about how excited they were about being on the new series, but without any real footage. And now, we have yet one more teaser, and it’s the most Lynchian one yet.Thanks to Welcome to Twin Peaks, we learned that this past Sunday, Showtime released another teaser trailer, this time showing series co-creator David Lynch eating eating a glazed donut for 30 seconds. Lynch looks to be an office of some kind, and is seemingly dressed as his character from the series, FBI Chief Gordon Cole.  We also see that somebody off-camera is holding a cup of coffee (only fitting) all while we hear a slowed-down arrangement of Angelo Badalamenti’s Twin Peaks theme.

The latest teaser featuring Lynch as Gordon Cole and confirming his return to the world of Twin Peaks ended up hitting the internet at 9 PM on Sunday night, so maybe that’s a possible hint of the day and time the new series will air in 2017?  It’s kind of amazing that in this day and age, the series in airing in mere months and we know next to nothing about it. You can watch the latest teaser for Twin Peaks in full above.

What do you think about this latest teaser for Twin Peaks? Is it the most appropriate on yet? Let us know your thoughts down below in the comments.

Image: CBS

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