“Death” Vader Is One of the Most Impressive STAR WARS Costumes Ever

As enormous fans of both Star Wars and great cosplay, we’re especially partial to the amazing costumes fans of the galaxy far, far away come up with. We don’t usually focus on Darth Vader costumes though. We don’t ignore the Sith Lord because we don’t love him (Vader is one of the best characters ever); it’s just that you can do only so much with one of the most iconic get-ups in movie history. Or so we thought, because this “Death Vader” cosplay is one of the most impressive costumes we’ve ever seen. Reddit rediscovered this incredible suit, which includes Vader’s chopped off hand, actual smoke, and glowing electricity bolts running through his body from when he threw Emperor Palpatine over the railing at the end of Return of the Jedi, that was seen at Dragon Con 2016. This video was originally shared on Facebook by Noel Costill, who filmed it in the perfect spot.https://www.facebook.com/ncostill/videos/1173693136009675/Now that’s one cosplayer who definitely didn’t choke on their aspirations.This is an incredibly inventive and creative take on what we thought was a pretty straightforward costume, but you know who wouldn’t love this? Anakin’s grandson Ben Solo, who is definitely still in denial about Vader turning his back on the dark side. Fortunately Costill didn’t throw grandpa over the balcony when he was cosplaying as Kylo Ren.

Now that we’ve seen how someone can wow us with an original Darth Vader costume, we need “Death Vader” to find a Palpatine who can “shoot” Force lightning out of their fingers so we can cosplay this entire scene.

What? To quote Kylo Ren, when it comes to great Star Wars cosplay we always want “More! More!”What’s the best Star Wars cosplay you’ve ever seen? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

Featured Image: Lucasfilm

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