New DARK CRYSTAL: AGE OF RESISTANCE Art Book Shares a Sneak Peek

Rivaling the anticipation for the nerdgasm voice cast and the intriguing new story of Netflix’s Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is the burning desire to get our eyes on some of that delicious art. Before a single frame of film is shot, painstaking hours are spent designing each and every character. Die-hard fans of the original Dark Crystal film and its spiritual sibling Labyrinth have already dehydrated ourselves drooling over the thick tomes of artwork created by Brian & Wendy Froud for those films.

<— Beware Gelfling, the prophecy speaks of possible spoilers in the images below—>

And now with the new series coming out, our thirst is quenched yet again thanks to these Nerdist exclusive previews from the upcoming behind-the-scenes book, Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance: Inside the Epic Return to Thra. You know it’s epic if it has two colons in the title!

Insight Editions

Inside the Epic Return to Thra takes us through the show’s creative journey to the screen. The behind the scenes book details how the film’s director Louis Letterier and producer Lisa Henson worked alongside Brian Froud and utilized the magic of the world-renowned Jim Henson’s Creature Shop.

Insight Editions

We also learn from these sneak preview pages how the return to the world of Dark Crystal carries on the family legacy of the first film. Not only is Lisa Henson producing, but also Toby Froud worked as the design supervisor. Labyrinth fans may remember the young Froud as the actual baby Toby kidnapped by David Bowie’s Jerith in the film.

Insight Editions

The book is packed with exclusive cast and crew interviews, concept art, set photography, puppet designs and more. A must-have for anyone who can’t get enough Henson, Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance: Inside the Epic Return to Thra releases on November 9th and can be pre-ordered here.

Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance premieres this Friday, August 30th on Netflix.

Featured Image: Netflix