Dante Basco, a.k.a. Rufio, Was the Highlight of Our HOOK Watchalong

In the event that you’ve been taking some time away from Twitter to focus on more constructive hobbies (crafting, exercise, training your dog to bark on cue to pop songs), you may have missed out on the first few installments of Nerdist’s newest tradition: movie watchalongs. We kicked off the habit with a late March viewing of the 1985 comedy Clue, followed that up with some virtual revelry over the original The Matrix, and continued the trend with a taste of 2014’s Godzilla, accompanied in the latter venture by the film’s director Gareth Edwards.

Hot on the tail of our tribute to the king of monsters, we dived right back into the Twittersphere for more fun, and with another special guest: Dante Basco, known to ’90s kids the world over as Rufio of the Lost Boys, joined us for a lively viewing of Steven Spielberg’s Peter Pan reimagining Hook on Friday, April 10.

If you rank yourself among the 1991 fantasy film’s proud devotees, then the idea of watching along with Rufio himself would surely be cause for at least some spirited name-chanting. And you’d better believe (in fairies, yes, but also…) that the actor did not disappoint. Basco treated onlookers to a bevy of good vibes in the form of fun facts from behind the scenes of Hook‘s production…

…fond memories from a boyhood spent in Neverland…

…and maybe some not-so-fond ones…

…and a touch of reflection on the role the film has played in his life, and those of fans, for the past three decades.

He even shared a snapshot of the original sketch for Rufio’s armor!

Just as we’d expect from the leader of the Lost Boys, Basco truly brought his all to the watchalong. And I think we can agree that he turned what could have been just a fun evening with an old favorite into an awfully big adventure.

Featured Image: TriStar Pictures

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