Hear a Snippet of Danny Elfman’s JUSTICE LEAGUE Score (Premiere)

Justice League is almost here, and with it comes an all new score from composer Danny Elfman, who originally wrote an iconic Batman theme way back in 1989. It was the theme for Tim Burton’s original Batman film that really propelled Elfman into the arena of cinema’s most prolific composers, with dozens of iconic scores to his name now.

But it’s not just Elfman’s Batman theme that will be appearing on the Justice League soundtrack, there are also hints of John Williams’ original Superman score as well. And now, you can take a listen to an exclusive new moment from Elfman’s upcoming score, titled “Justice League United.” You can listen the soaring snippet up above.

Given the title of the track, this is probably from the moment in the film where the League gathers together for the first time and faces off against the bad guys, Steppenwolf’s army of Parademons from Apokolips. Elfman’s score here is somewhat reminiscent of his other most famous superhero score, Marvel’s original Spider-Man film from Sam Raimi. This snippet of the Justice League score sounds appropriately sweeping, perfect for the super team that inspired all other super teams.

Will a Green Lantern show up in the film? Or a surprise villain like Darkseid? We are only a week or so away from finding out the film’s secrets, but the film’s soundtrack drops on Friday, November 11.

What do you think of Elfman’s score for Justice League so far? Be sure to let us know down below in the comments.

Images: Warner Brothers

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