Daniel Radcliffe Answers the Internet’s Burning Questions

Google doesn’t lie. It knows everything about what everyone searches for and exactly what they want to know more about. And if you’re a Daniel Radcliffe fan, you’re in luck because you can get the true answers right from the man himself. In a YouTube video, Daniel Radcliffe joins Wired for another edition of “Celebrities answer the web’s most searched questioned about them.” This is actually Radcliffe’s second time on the web series. But he’s ready to tackle the top Daniel Radcliffe internet questions with gusto.

In the video, Radcliffe walks through some of the internet’s burning questions. Some of them are what you’d expect, and some of them are a little wilder. Examples include questions about what he’s played in, if he is a time traveler, why he walks dogs, and if he actually wears glasses among others. All solid questions for sure. But you’ll have to tune in to hear the full answers.

Daniel Radcliffe answers the internet's questions - he holds up a sign with the top searched Danielle Radcliffe questions


Our favorite question, though, “Is Daniel Radcliffe the Geico Gecko?” We’ll spoil this one for you right now. Radcliffe says:

That’s great. That is truly unexpected. Is Daniel Radcliffe the Geico Gecko? No… I mean, I think that adveritising campaign preexisted a time when I would be doing voiceover work. Just because I think I would probably sound like a teenager at the time. There’s a thing in the ad that always really annoys me. When he’s like, ‘People don’t know if I’m British or  Australian.’ No. You’re obviously English. You sound very English. You would know that. No I’m not The Gecko and I obviously have other thoughts about that which I’m discovering now as well.

There you have it. Radcliffe is not the Geico Gecko, but he does have a firm message for the creature. Cut that accent act out!

For the curious, the first round of Radcliffe answering internet questions can be viewed here:

We absolutely recommend watching both for the full “Daniel Radcliffe answers internet questions” experience.

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